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Personal Thoughts

I will preface this by saying my thoughts are my own, and i do not attach my message or my intentions to any particular organization on or off campus.

Bruce Edward Stewart. Jalen Duston. Kaneycha Turner. Deja Rae Reaves

But I am sick am tired of getting university emails saying we lost another aggie. I came to this campus young and excited, and have consistently been whittled down by the lack of awareness from our administration, our local representation, and our city council. I have said for years that there is a misconception as to what it's like being a student at NCat. You go to A&T, but live in Greensboro, meaning you are subject to all of the issues of Greensboro natives. As a true greensboro-eite, I wish better for my city, and more than anything I wish better for my campus. 


We are tired. 

I challenge you all to come together. until something changes, we are our protectors and we must stand for those that cannot stand for themselves. I sit here writing this note on my phone, pained to feel like we will mourn, and nothing will change. I love my campus and I love my city, and I pray that one day, I will feel comfortable enough to send my children to ncat. however, until I see our community change, I can't say I have trust. 

I love you all, you are my people and I pray for the families of those we've lost. I will continue to stand and try my best to educate my peers, and I urge you all to never stop talking, never stop standing, and never forget their names. 


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